Content Creation

At TCE ,we focus the most on creating the best content for our influencers, companies and brands.In order to attract the masses and a huge audience we inculcate originality and uniqueness in our content.

Moreover, the content curated is mainly focused on engaging the end user in order to enjoy the content consumed. For highly engaging content creation & publishing,TCE has got your back.


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TCE generates two types of
content namely:

User Generated Content 


  • This is our User Generated Content is any type of content that is created by any individual other than the direct promoter of company, in simple terms a follower or fan. UGC has been a constant player in the marketing world because it so successful as a campaign. At TCE we focus on 3 of the most important things :
  1. Regular content : We have the ability to create regular content that can be used by brand and companies for their campaigns on a day to day basis. 
  2. Original content : TCE has been able to curate and develop original content that is unlike any brands and companies, we guide our team and influencers to bring out their creativity and build authentic content.
  3. Quantity : We focus the most on quantity and bulk generation of our content in our UGC campaigns, so as to provide the best services to our companies and brands.

Professionally User Generated Content 

(PUGC) :  

  • Professionally User Generated Content is the kind of content that is produced by the brand or company itself in order to increase their reach of audience and engage their target market. PUGC platforms usually attract a large audience due to their best of deals and content. For a PUGC campaign our company has three main focuses :
  1. Advanced content creation : In a PUGC campaign it is extremely essential for  the content to not just be the correct  content for the brand or company but also to have an advanced and professional format with high quality and performance.
  2. Quality: PUGC campaigns have more focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity of content being produced. Our team at TCE having the expertise and experience in content moderation as well as quality check can help in creating the best content.
  3.  High Cost To Action (CTA) : At TCE it is our aim to create content that has High Cost To Action for our companies and brands, by adding the correct keywords and using our Artificial Intelligence we believe our brands CTA can be increased.

Creators Contributing UGC Content

Influencer Marketing Agency in India | TCE

Creators Contributing PUGC Content

Influencer Marketing Agency in India | TCE

For UGC, we utilise two of the most creative tiers of influencers for our UGC campaigns:

  • Nano :In our nano criteria the influencers and creators who have 1K to 10K are pushed to create content that has originality and uniqueness.
  • Micro : This tier includes a range of influencers and creators who have a criteria of around 10k to 50k.

For PUGC, we utilise our top 5 tiers for our PUGC campaigns which woud include :

  • NANO : 1K to 10K
  • MICRO : 10k to 50K
  • MID TIER : 50K to 500K
  • MACRO : 500K to 1M
  • MEGA : 1M to 5M

Creating content or delivering the best services TCE has got you covered!

Influencer Marketing Agency in India | TCE