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Influencers in India

Our Influencers in India program is an excellent project developed by our efficient team at TCE, one of the things that makes it so unique that  this  project that was developed to solve the root problem of a creators all around the Globe and India, which according to our team is not being able to receive brand campaigns and paid collaborations and the ability to choose and have consent over the project which the influencer would like to select and work on for themselves.

Influencers in India

At TCE we wanted to change that and be able to give an equal opportunity to all the creators and influencers,creators and influencers who need the motivation and monetary means to be able to continue showcasing their talents and creativity. It is imperative as a society and business to encourage artists, musicians, singers in their journey to honing their talents to be given a well deserved platform and opportunities. We truly believe that the industry keeps growing each day but opportunities need to be growing at the same pace as well.

In our Influencers in India program, we have created accessibility for creators all around the globe to join with us regardless of the language, following or even content, with our Influencers in India program it would be the one stop destination for creators and influencers to receive our latest campaigns and collaborations with the ability to choose the campaign they desire.

Along with that we focus on developing an influencer persona for each and every influencer that can be used as a unique element for every influencer and hence can be used as a kind of trademark for the influencer and to carry on their legacy.

So, what are some benefits of being under the Influencers in India Program?
  • Global exposure : Influencers and creators who enroll for the Influencers in India program have the advantage of increasing their exposure to not only their own country but being global as well. An increase in the exposure of creators helps in creating a larger audience and brings the creator valued support.
  • Training : Being a creator or influencer today is a journey wherein, there is often a lack of guidance on how a creator can grow and create content on their own. At TCE we aim to bridge this gap by training our creators and influencers, while providing them real time projects to work on, the change will start with us.
  • Campaigns : A creator who enrolls for the Influencers in India program has the opportunity to receive details about our latest campaigns and brand collaborations, which would give them the opportunity to select the most suitable campaign with their niche’s, no more waiting for brands to notice you!
  • Exclusive membership : Get the chance to be our exclusive member and partner with us to receive the latest updates and opportunities directly from our brand partners, engage with a newer audience and increase your exposure. Get to learn the tips and tricks at real-time with your brands that you love!

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Become an ACE with TCE to conquer and accomplish all your dreams. Are you ready to ACE it with us?

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